India again | Una vez más, India

There really has to be something amazing about India. I've heard you either love it or hate it :) You tell me!!! Is it true??I think it is probably something in the middle... Let me explain.

(Explanation from someone who never went to India but is surrounded by people who did)...

So, here is how I see it, you have gone once, you had both amazing and terrifying experiences, You had an extensive stay and when you came back you were overwhelmed, tired, missing your loved ones and the cosiness of home. The whole experience filed your desire for adventure, spirituality and change, to say the least. It also left your head buzzing and it made you confront yourself, your preconceived ideas, your expectations and ultimately the meaning of life. So, you need your comfort zone. 6 months later something starts happening, you find yourself missing it already... being alone amidst what seems to be the total sum of humanity and finding there, well, whatever it is you found.

humm...maybe so, maybe not.Well, Marc is travelling again. I stayed be hind, you know, business, family and the whole "me time" (I'll get my turn, you'll see), but for now, there he is and we'll be sharing some photos on Instagram.

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